Symptoms of nail fungus

The signs of a nail fungus infection are:
• Separation of the nail from the nail bed (onycholysis)
• Debris under the nail 
• Discolouration of the nail (usually white or yellow, sometimes brown)
• Crumbling or destruction of all or part of the nail 
• Odour coming from the nail bed
• Thickened and crumbling nail
• Numbness, tingling or pain
Nail fungus is not simply a cosmetic problem, it is an infection that is contagious and can cause pain, discomfort and mobility issues and could, potentially, lead to serious complications. Nail fungus infections are most often caused by non-dermatophyte. This organism can also cause fungal infections of the skin and it is possible for a fungal infection to spread from the skin to the nails, or vice versa.

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