This is a very uncertain time for all of us. At CSPA, we are working with medical and scientific experts to answer your questions and help provide you with up to date information about how to stay healthy. This page will be updated regularly and new Q&As shared on CSPA’s social media. If you have any questions that you would like answered, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on our social channels.

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The CSPA is providing this information as general guidance in the evolving and uncertain circumstances of COVID-19. We encourage you to contact your dermatologists or other physicians for information about your specific circumstances as these professionals are best placed to consider all relevant factors and provide you with the best advice for you.


Patient Healthcare Resources during Covid-19

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Canadian Dermatology Association Patient Fact Sheet (click for more details)
*NEW* Was the vaccine rushed? https://cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/52424.html 
*NEW* Immunize Canada https://immunize.ca/covid-19-info 
*NEW* COVID-19 vaccines and people who are immunocompromised: Recommendations 
*NEW* Canadian Rheumatology Association Position Statment on Covid-19

Frequently Asked Questions

Changes and updates to public drug plans across Canada due to COVID-19

Global Registries

 COVID-19 Resources from our Affiliates

Affiliate link address
AboutFace https://www.aboutface.ca/news/aboutface-covid-19-response/
BC Lymphedema Association https://bclymph.org/
Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation https://www.canaaf.org/interested-in-canaaf-virtual-support-meetings/
Canadian Burn Survivors Community https://www.canadianburnsurvivors.ca/
Canadian Association of Scarring Alopecias http://casafiredup.com/meeting.php
Canadian Psoriasis Network https://www.canadianpsoriasisnetwork.com/
DEBRA Canada https://debracanada.org/
Eczema Society of Canada https://eczemahelp.ca/blog/eczema-and-covid-19/
Melanoma Network of Canada https://www.melanomanetwork.ca/
Neurofibromatosis Society of Ontario http://www.nfon.ca/
Save Your Skin Foundation https://saveyourskin.ca/new-covid-19-information-hub/
SCLERODERMA ASSOCIATION OF B.C. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoEPF-u5phs&feature=youtu.be
Scleroderma Canada https://www.scleroderma.ca/covid-19
Scleroderma Manitoba https://sclerodermamanitoba.com/
Scleroderma Society of Ontario https://www.sclerodermaontario.ca/
SJS/TEN http://sjscanada.org/home/sjs-ten-and-covid-19/


Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Ontario: COVID-19 Resources & Updates


Patient Healthcare Resources during Covid-19 

ALL.Can Patient Support - COVID-19 Cancer Patient Support Hub

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