Skin patients sometimes feel shame, embarrassment or that they need to hide their conditon. We at the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance (CSPA) are here to help skin patients bring their skin condition into the light, improving awareness and support and changing the way people think about skin disease. That’s why we created the Skinergy community, a safe place where people understand you and what you face in your daily life.

To support you fully, we work hard to ensure that Skinergy remains a safe haven. We’ve built in strict privacy settings. You have control over what information you share, and with whom. We’ve put moderators in place. While we want people to have the freedom to express themselves, we also encourage users to report unsuitable content.

When you join the Skinergy online community, you are not the only one who benefits. Every time someone signs up as a user it helps the CSPA:

  • increase our clout with politicians and decision-makers
  • raise funds (more users = more funding)
  • keep on top of the topics of concern to skin patients
  • connect patients with researchers to help find cures and treatments
  • connect with skin patients just like you

Keeping the CSPA community strong will help all skin patients.

While Skinergy is a great space for social interaction, the CSPA main website at www.canadianskin.ca contains information of a more clinical nature, news about CSPA advocacy efforts, a platform for affiliate organizations, the latest on research and clinical trials and a whole lot more! www.canadianskin.ca can help you manage your skin condition. Visit often!

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