The Canadian Skin Patient Alliance (CSPA) is Canada’s go-to resource for information regarding conditions that affect skin, hair, and nails.  

The CSPA is a national non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote skin health and improve quality of life.  To achieve this mission: 

  • We raise awareness about the impacts of skin conditions. 
  • We educate on a variety of issues affecting skin patients, their families, and caregivers. 
  • We advocate for best care and treatment options for all skin patients.  
  • We facilitate patient engagement in dermatological research.
  • We support and collaborate with our Affiliate Member organizations who work with specific skin patient communities such as those living with acne, scleroderma, melanoma, and psoriasis.   

Too many skin patients suffer in silence.  CSPA highlights the impacts of skin conditions in nationwide awareness campaigns.  The goal of these campaigns is to create and share information that will lead to better understanding, earlier diagnosis, improved health outcomes and quality of life.   

Explore our resources to learn about specific conditions, how to access clinical trials, in-depth CSPA national reports, and how we advocate for your rights to care, treatments, and support through our (patient-focused) submissions to federal and provincial policy consultations. 

CSPA also publishes the award-winning national Canadian Skin Magazine!  We invite you to subscribe for a free copy and sign up for our newsletter to keep in touch with us.    

CSPA is a hub for all who deal with dermatology issues.  At CSPA, we work closely with our Medical Advisory Board, the dermatology community, and our Affiliate Member organizations to provide you with knowledge and resources that we hope will ease your burden.      

Let us know how the CSPA can help you.  Contact us via our social channels or by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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