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Because no two patients are the same, we strongly encourage you to add your own personal story to the letter before sharing it. It helps to explain the impact that psoriasis has had on your life and work; how it affects you emotionally and physically; tell them about how much medication and treatment have helped – or not. Help your HR Manager understand why managing the condition is so important to you, their employee, and the work you do every day.

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The CSPA community consists of individuals, affiliate groups, health-care providers with an interest in skin health and health-care decision-makers from across Canada. Through the CSPA conference and special events and meetings hosted by the CSPA, interested parties can meet, exchange ideas and create supportive relationships.

By becoming an active participant in CSPA programs, you will enjoy the benefits of community of patients who understand what you're going through. You will also help us increase our clout with politicians and decision-makers. Together we help each other by being part of a growing resource for all Canadians with skin conditions.


Ways to get involved

Become a Friend of the CSPA: Your donation will help to support the important work of the CSPA as we champion the cause of skin health across Canada through patient education and support, advocacy, research support and liaison activities between patients, health-care professionals, relevant industry representatives and government decision-makers. Donate now . . .

Volunteer: The CSPA is always looking for volunteers who are interested in working with us on specific projects and events. If you are interested in volunteering for the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance we could use your time and talents in the following areas:

  • Magazine: Write an article for Canadian Skin magazine. Just send us an outline or idea and we may be able to slot it into next year’s line-up.
  • Committees: Consider becoming a member of one of our committees.
  • Events: Become a greeter/event assistant at one of our educational sessions.
  • Skin Conference: Help us at the 2012 Canadian Skin conference in Toronto in October 2012. There will be lots to do! E-mail us to get your name on the list.
  • Board of directors: Become a board member. If you’ve worked on one of the CSPA committees or have been active in some other way, you have an opportunity to be nominated for a board position.
  • Special skills: We’re always looking for people who can assist us in projects through their special skills. Just send us an e-mail CSPA contact form outlining what you’re good at and what you like to do.
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