We are here to work with Canadian skin patients to promote skin health and to improve quality of life. We hope that you find some useful resources on our site and we welcome your feedback.

The Canadian Skin Patient Alliance

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During this uncertain time we will be sharing news and information relevant to risks and impacts of COVID-19. Be sure to stay up to date and take care of yourself.

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HS Report 2020

We have launched an update to our 2017 report Scarred for Life. Through this report, the CSPA has identified 11 recommendations to healthcare providers and policy makers to improve awareness about Hidradenitis Suppurativa and care and management of the disease and the lives of HS patients.

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Skin Patient Charter

We are very proud to release the first ever charter specifically for patients living with conditions, diseases or traumas that affect the skin.

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The CSPA receives funding from numerous organizations which support the work we do to provide education and support to skin patients and their families and to raise awareness about skin diseases, conditions and traumas and the needs of those who grapple with them, amongst those who can affect change and in the general public.

We receive two types of grants – those that are unrestricted and support everything we do, and allow us to function and grow and those that are tied specifically to projects. Without unrestricted support, we would be unable to engage in projects that reach out to patients, provide information on our websites to patients, engage in advocacy, write letters, attend key meetings and liaise with doctors.
Project funding allows us to reach out to patients and the public in targeted ways. Often these projects are of such a scope, like the Canadian Skin Magazine, that we would ordinarily not be able to tackle on our own, without support. These targeted initiatives help connect with skin patients and their families.

We recognize and thank our sponsors for these grants in two categories – Unrestricted and Project- based. It is possible and, in fact, often the case, that sponsors fall into both categories.
Organizations will receive the recognition designation in the year following the donation of funds (i.e. – funds donated in 2011 will be recognized in 2012)

Unrestricted Funding Category

The CSPA greatly appreciates grants that are unrestricted and allow the CSPA to use the funds to meet the organization's mission. This category also includes any in-kind contributions that are not tied to projects supported by project funding (Printing, media support, information distribution) where a value for the in-kind contribution can be estimated. It is important that our sponsors give us an estimate of the value of these contributions.

Diamond: $60,000+

Platinum: $50,000 +

Gold: $40,000+

Silver: $ 25,000+

Bronze: $10,000+

Red roses: $100+

Partners over time

Organizations that have provided regular year-over-year funding will also receive a recognition designation of Champion after 5 years consecutive funding in a category level, Patron after 4 years, Benefactor after 3 years and Supporter after 2. For example an organization that had donated $40,000 or more for 5 consecutive years would be recognized as a Gold Champion (2007-2012). Logos /banners appropriate to each designation will be provided to qualifying sponsoring organizations who are invited to display the logo on their corporate websites, in their corporate literature and annual reports. Where sponsors have supported us year over year, but the funding levels has changed, recognition designations will be the funding levels for all applicable periods will be honoured.

Project Funding

Typically project funding helps the CSPA with initiatives where projects have been specifically identified and the sponsoring organization is acknowledged as a sponsor as part of the initiative. Projects like Canadian Skin Magazine, the SKIN MATTERS Conference, media campaigns, the Psoriasis Information Series and more, all help us meet our mission. Many sponsors generously sponsor several projects. This category also includes any in-kind contributions that are tied to the specific project funded (Printing, media support, information distribution) where a value for the in-kind contribution can be estimated. It is important that our sponsors give us an estimate of the value of these contributions.

Again recognition logos are being created for project funding sponsors to use on their corporate websites, in their corporate literature and annual reports


Diamond: $200,000+

Platinum: 100,000+

Gold: 75,000+

Silver: 50,000+

Bronze: 25,000+

What do our sponsors receive?

In 2012, CSPA's 2011 sponsoring companies will be formally recognized at a special reception at SKIN MATTERS, the CSPA conference being held in Toronto, October 12-14. Representatives from sponsoring organizations will be asked to step forward to receive the award certificates. Additionally, award logos will be distributed in advance of the conference to organizations for their use on their corporate sites.

Finally, our sponsors receive our undying gratitude. The CSPA and the patients we represent know that we couldn't do it without you. We thank you and credit you with helping us build a strong voice for Canadian skin patients.

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A number of organizations work together with us to improve the lives of skin patients and their families in Canada.

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The three issues produced each year provide information you can use to help you with your skin condition or that of your loved ones.

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The CSPA would like to thank our sponsors.  We count on these important contributions to help serve dermatology patients in Canada.



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